Students should give equal importance to sports to excel themselves in all their activities. Curriculum stops at the door-steps of the college, but the extra-curricular activities will continue to guide us all through our life. Sports teach various aspects like team work, getting along with others, working towards a common goal, with a spirit of competition. Education is stereotyped, whereas it is not so in sports. Sports help us control our temper, stress and treats both success and failure on an equal footing. Sports and games enable everyone to be a law-abiding individual and citizen. It nurtures a sense of discipline among the learners. He also informed that there are ups and downs in life and the sports and games teach us life skills.

S.T.B.S. college had organised sports tournament JUNG – 2015 with food fest (fair) for 04 days 25 to 28 February 2015.

Inauguration was started with Torch (Mashal) by trustee members and hand over to volleyball team members of GTU SPORTS SPIRIT – 2015. It includes the various games like running race, cricket, volley ball, Slow Bicycling, Vegetable Run and Fun Game etc.

Running Race:

Running Race was organized for boys as well girls individually. Total 96 boys and 03 girls were participated in running race.

Slow Bicycling:

Slow Bicycling is also organized for boys as well girls individually. Total 38 boys and 12 girls were participated.

Relay Race:

Relay Race was organized for girls and total 12 girls participants took part.

Vegetable Run:

Vegetable Run was also organized for girls only and total 13 girls were participated.

Volley Ball:

Volley Ball was organized for boys and total 24 teams and 192 students were participated.


Cricket was organized for only boys and there were 22 teams and 330 participants.