Navratri is an important major festival and is celebrated all over Gujarat. Inculcating a sense of culture and unity is the essence of any Indian festival and Navratri is a portrait of colour, action, music and togetherness.

GARBA UTSAV was an all-student function embodying a mesmerizing array of colors, tradition and pious feelings. This function is one a series of events meant to cherish and strengthen the student-teacher relationships and senior-junior bonding. We all dress in colourful traditional Gujarati costume and dance to the age old traditional Navratri rhythms. All the students of college as well faculty members were participated in “Garba Utsav” with full of joy and interest and do various types of Garba dances – Garbo, Dodhiya, Sanedo and ends with DJ.

This fun-filled  event ended with the desire to meet next year on Navratri with extra vigor and zeal.