Departmental Vision:

“The ECE Department of S.T.B.S. has become a centre of excellence in Electronics and Communication Engineering and it produces creative engineers those who can address the global challenges which lay the groundwork in shaping the future in the fields of Electronics and Communication Engineering.”

Departmental Mission:

  1. To produce qualified engineers who are competent in the areas of Electronics & Communication Engineering and able to meet the challenges of ever changing industry requirements at global level.
  1. Enable students to develop skills to solve complex technological problems of current times and also provide a framework for promoting collaborative and multidisciplinary activities.
  1. We are committed to prepare excellent students and to remotely control the modern world.


Sr. No.
Name of Laboratory Total No. of COMPUTERS Location
E.D.C. Lab 1 Computer + All Instrument F – 04
Power Lab 1 Computer + All Instrument          F – 05
Communication Lab 1 Computer + All Instrument F – 06
Digital Lab 1 Computer + All Instrument F – 07
Project  & TV Lab 1 Computer + All Instrument F – 08
Microprocessor Lab 15 Computer F – 09